Hiring a Private Detective in Cleveland:

There can be many items that you should look for while determing why you need to hire a private detective. Below are some items you should consider

  • Understand who you are dealing with - Get farmilar with the detective that you are interested in by their website. Most professional detectives/investigators also advertise in other publications as well. Address and phone numbers should be displayed. Concealing information such as phone numbers and address can throw up flags. Repetuable private detectives have no reason to hide such informaton.

  • Confirm the detective license - Private Detectives should have different license and certifications. You should know and understand what your particular state requires and then follow up with the private detective. Again, ethical private investigators will have nothing to hide and should provide you withe the information that you have requested.

  • Understand the work that will be conducted - You should expect your private investigator to analyze and provide recommendations for the problem. As a client you should expect the steps and that the private investigator will take. There can be many red flags that a private detective can say to make you weary of the work he is doing. Make sure the priavte detective is truthful and lets you know excatly how they are getting the information.

DLB Investigation offers many services to help with you case. Working in Northeast Ohio, DLB Investigation has over two decades in private detective and private investigation work. We guarantee your satisfaction.

We provide private investigator services to the corporate community, attorneys, the insurance industry, financial institutions, and private individuals in the Akron, Ohio area.

Private Investigator services we offer around the Northeast Ohio area include:


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