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"Doctor Check":

This time it's the doctor who gets checked out. There are almost 39,000 sanctions against physicians with active licenses in the country today. This is a nationwide background search that reports the physicians full name, address of practice, places of residency, all past disciplinary actions and/or sanctions administered, educational and medical degrees earned. The AMA, and Department of Health & Human services are also searched. The state of location (current address) is then checked for licensing and violations/complaints. More information is likely, depending on state. DEA Index search is also performed. Free: I will verify one medical education degree, a $23 value, if requested. Note: If more than one state is located from past licenses, it will be a $23 per state search, per demand.

"Chiropractor Check":

Since many health companies don't recognize chiropractors today, many chiropractors credentials go un-checked. There are over 60,000 chiropractors with over 2,OOO sanctions, and growing, in the country today. This nationwide search locates name, address, DOB and phone number. The school and year of graduation are also located. The search not only checks for sanctions, but checks for criminal behavior, practicing without a license, and insurance fraud. The state of location (address) is then checked for license and violations/complaints. Free: I will verify the medical education degree, a $23 value, if requested.


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