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"Quick Skip Trace":

On average up to 80% of most people who have suddenly moved and/or hiding are located within the first few hours of the search (90% plus in northern Ohio area). They are usually on the run and aren't familiar with how to conceal their lifestyle. This search is intended for that type of subject, and for those subjects who need to be located immediately. Proven investigative methods are used and databases are searched in this effort. The more identifiers provided by you the greater and faster the chances of success. The stated price is for five hours of investigation. If the subject is not found at that time your case will be assessed with you, and you will be determined if there is a demand for further action.

Search requirements: Name and One Other Identifier (i.e. SSN, DOB, Address) and any other information available (i.e. vehicles, address(es), phone numbers, pagers, their last known place of employment, friends, relatives, etc).

"Missing Person-Deep Skip Trace":

This search is for the subject who "Must be Found" and time is not a factor. The client is aware of the subject and knows he or she will be difficult to find. Using proven techniques ,that may be time consuming, an extensive investigation is employed. This is a maximum investigative effort with no financial risk! If your subject is not located within 17 days there is NO FEE. At the end of 17 days your case will be assessed, it is your option to have your money refunded or you can determine a demand for further action. Total $339 (no locate-no fee)"WE ARE EXPERTS AT LOCATING PEOPLE"

Search requirements: You will be contacted for information.

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