Tough Customer  

"Tough Customer":

This is intended to let you know who and what you are dealing with. This is the most complete bad person check on the internet today.

    • Nationwide warrants search.
    • Federal prison history searched.
    • Federal criminal and civil records searched.
    • * State prison records searched.
    • "On site" *County criminal Felony and Misdemeanor records searched.
    • *State "Sex Offender Registry" searched.
    • SSN history of subject searched for additional use of other SSN's and alias(es).
    • A check of the governments "Excluded Party Index". This is a list of persons and/or businesses in all fifty states who have defrauded the government. Includes, but not limited to, scam artists, drug dealers, labor law violators, defense contractors, foreign nationals involved in banking and insurance, and many, many other illegal activities.

(Note: *indicates State and County of choice. Additional counties and/or states are extra.) You will be notified of Federal prison history results at a later date. This is a true Federal prison history search and is guaranteed, but timely. Bonus: Ohio only, inquire on bonus when ordering. Free: If search reveals illegal sex history in several states, I will search two other states for "Sex Offender Registry" for free.

Search requirements: Name & SSN or Name & DOB

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