"Quick Check Pre-Employment Search":

This search is for the employer that wants a quick decision on a qualified applicant. It supports the employer with making a confident selection when time is a factor.

  • The employees' social security number is verified, and the year and state where it was issued is located.
  • The Social Security Death Index is checked and verified.
  • Applicants address and phone number are verified
  • A nationwide warrant search is conducted. (Note: You will be contacted at a later date, usually within 24hrs., if a match is found)
  • An Employment Termination Search is conducted. Could include termination information from other employment.

"Deep Pre-Employment Search":

Why chance it when in doubt! Assure yourself and the business with this comprehensive search. This package includes

  • verification on all three identifiers (Name, DOB & SSN), with address and phone number verification.
  • DEA registration check (a must for involvement with drugs and/or juveniles).
  • Criminal and civil records in one county, education verification, employment verification, nationwide warrant search, driving record, credit record from (1) bureau, bankruptcy search, workers compensation records and Social Security Death Index verification.
  • Divorce records if applicable. Note: To obtain a credit report and driving record we will need a signed release from applicant Laws/ applications regarding workers compensation records vary from state to state and therefore may not be available.
  • FREE: If the employment involves driving, will get a license status from the "National Driver Register."This is a government database that will show if your subject is listed as one of the most dangerous drivers in the country. This is usually associated with DWI's. Prevents subject from getting a license suspended from one state, to getting a new license in another state. I will need notarized permission from subject for this.

"Criminal Pre-Employment Search":

(OHIO ONLY) Use separately, or include it with your existing pre employment check. This package includes:

  • "Wants & Warrants" on National, State, and City level,
  • Arrest Records from ALL Ohio counties, and
  • Criminal History from *County Court. Note: *Indicates County of choice. Additional counties are extra. I will need a signed release from subject for warrant search

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