DLB Investigations

•     Licensed 'Class A' Private Investigator in Ohio since 2000
•     25 years as police officer/detective in Ohio
•     Armed Forces (Army) Investigator
•     Special Process Server
•     Notary
•     National and International contacts
•     Experienced Court Testimony
•     Knowledge of State Laws, Privacy, bank Secrecy & Graham Acts

•     NAIS (National Association of Investigative Specialists)
•     Cleveland Crime Clinic
•     Cuyahoga County Defense Lawyers Association
•     OASIS (Ohio Association of Security and Investigation Services)
•     Cuyahoga County Metro Crime Bureau
•     IAATI (International Association of Auto Theft Investigations)
•     OATIA (Ohio Auto Theft Investigators Association)

Testimonials:    Just a few examples of what our clients had to say about D.L.B. & Associates.

I've had my PI license for twelve years and have known DLB & Associates since 2001. i'm retained by many attorneys representing defendants in Criminal actions. Therefore, my investigations and the information I gather must be accurate. If not I'm out of business. Often I call DLB & Associates to assist me in gathering the information required. Whether financial, background searches, or locating and interviewing witnesses I know I can, and always have trusted, DLB & Associates to return to me accurate and timely information. Utilizing that information often results in winning the case. No magic. Just good ole' fashioned hard nosed detective work. Results only obtained by someone with sophisticated talents to utilize his computer's databases, yet fearless enough to go out and canvass, interview, and record information from the street. From one PI to another, I salute DLB & Associates Investigations and David Buchholzer.

C.D. "Doug" Charney
C.D. Charney and Associates Co.
Cleveland, Ohio

"I want to thank David Buchholzer for performing a task I was unable to accomplish through my own efforts for over four years. I tried to locate an old girlfriend I have not seen since 1977. What makes David's efforts extraordinary is that the only information I had was an old address and phone number from the Cleveland, Ohio area, and no relatives to speak of. To my surprise, David was able to locate her within a week in the state of Missouri. Upon my first contacting him, he emphasized his commitment to professionalism and confidentiality. I would recommend David for any investigation where integrity is important to you."
Steven B. Ludwig, - Des Moines, Iowa

"A contractor building my new home stole $80,000 that was to be used to finish the job, and vanished into thin air. We couldn't even find out where he lived. My attorney secured a judgment, and sent his investigator out to find him. Nine months later and they still couldn't find him. My wife's employer recommended Dave Buchholzer at D.L.B & Associates Investigations. All we could tell him that the name and the business of the person was from the Columbus, Ohio area. It was amazing! In six days he located him in North Carolina. I would highly recommend Mr. Buchholzer if you need somebody to be found."
Rick Sefcheck - Medina, Ohio

"A female rented our home and destroyed it, doing over $3000 in damages, stole items, and failed to pay the last two months rent. She and her live-in boyfriend vanished in the night. When we inspected our home we found that the basement was used to grow marijuana. All electrical had been rewired, and the plumbing was also tampered with. My husband and I tried to find her, but found that she only had a cell phone, which had been cancelled. All other forms of communication had been cut off. We called a local investigator who recommended Mr. Buchholzer at D.L.B & Associates Investigations. Two weeks later the female was found on a farm in the southeast part of Ohio. Mr. Buchholzer was very professional, and we were impressed when he kept us up to date on the progress. He was very professional."
Jenifer Spears - Seville, Ohio

"Although I live and work in the Tampa, Florida area, I do business in Cleveland, Ohio. Two customers with whom I had done business with left me with delinquent bills. Upon attempting to locate them they were nowhere to be found. Dave Buchholzer and D.L.B & Associates Investigations came highly recommended, so I contracted him for the job. I received a call two days later advising me the he located both parties. I plan on using Dave whenever I have a problem in the Ohio area. Thanks again."
William Foderaro - Bonita Springs, Florida

"I want to thank you once again for the outstanding work you have done for the North Royalton City School District. In particular, the surveillance and follow up you conducted regarding some our employees' alleged behavior of defrauding our taxpayers was exceptionally well done. Furthermore, I was most impressed with your work ethic that found you doing whatever it took to get the job done. I was most appreciative of your timely and elaborate updates as your investigation unfolded. It was quite evident that you do your homework and approach your work in a professional manner. I certainly would not hesitate to use you in future matters."
Jefferey R. Lampert, Superintendent - North Royalton, Ohio

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